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Massimo Zanetti

In 2011 , Cafe El Marino forms another successful strategic alliance with Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, in order to start marketing and distributing of its products in Mexico , within the main distribution channels (retail and food service), in addition to the master franchise Segafredo Espresso .

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group is the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world, a private company with over 100 years in the coffee business, with its headquarters in Treviso, Italy.

It is vertically integrated "From our farms to your cup " with plantations in Brazil , Costa Rica and Hawaii and benefits of coffee in Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras and Hawaii.

Green Coffee operates from Geneva , Vietnam and Thailand.

It processes 3 million bags of green coffee per year and has 9 factories roasting in Europe, South America and the United States.

Zanetti is present in 100 countries with 700 Coffee Shop in the world.

The group also has a factory of espresso machines, La San Marco Espresso .

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group integrates a large number of brands that are very popular in major markets in the world. It should be stressed that most of these brands are leaders in your area or specific industry , highlighting the United States Chase & Sanborn , MJB and Hills Bros as brands most traditional , referring not only to coffee brands , but many of high quality products , including tea, cocoa and spices.

Sugar Foods

Sugar Foods Corporation began as a private company in 1948 in the US. since its inception, it was characterized by offering innovative products and excellent service to their customers, taking as company motto "Customer is King". SFC quickly became the leader of several business categories : Sugar Substitutes , Substitute cream, Dried Chilli broken and Toppings Food ( croutons , tortilla strips , Crispy Onions , wontons, among others).


Its brands are distributed in more than 850,000 local Food Service both on the business side (restaurants , hotels, offices , cafes , etc. . ) and non- commercial ( business, industry , health , schools, etc. . ) In addition to the domain in the segment above,  SFC has a substantial presence in supermarkets and clubs. Sugar Foods Co. has factories in the US(4) and Mexico (1).


Sugar Foods Corporation is established in Mexico in 2004 and partnered with Café El Marino to form Sugar Foods of Mexico. SFM is created to market their brands in Mexico and the representation of other companies in charge of implementing and marketing tools to make all its products successful brands.


Sugar Foods of Mexico has 30 distribution centers , 320 sales representatives,  and 140 vehicles for distribution. Our plant, located in Mazatlán , Sinaloa has the following certifications: SQF 2000 Level 3 Silliker GMP and Food Safety Systems, NSF Cook & Thurber Food Safety and Quality .


Our portfolio includes brands such as Fresh Gourmet, Kern's , Robinson Crusoe , N'Joy , Chef 's Finest , The Better Chip, Spresh , Mrs. Cubbisons , Carozzi , Vivo , Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, among others.